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March/April 2019 issue

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  • Exige Sport 410 driven on road and track
  • Type 88 – the ‘twin chassis’ racer they banned
  • Wedges group – Elite, Eclat and Excel driven back to back
  • Clive Chapman on what happens at Classic Team Lotus
  • Parts finder – all the parts bin components we know of
  • …and much more!

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032 Exige 410.jpg

Does the mid-spec Sport 410 offer the sweet spot of the Exige range? We’ve driven it on road and track to find out and editor Ian Stent delivers his verdict.

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042 Twin chassis.jpg

The Type 88 ‘twin chassis’ grand prix car was typical of Lotus’s boundary-pushing, rule-stretching innovation. But how would it have faired if it has been given a chance to race rather than being outlawed? Richard Heseltine tells the story.

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048 feature group.jpg

Oliver Winterbottom’s wedgy styling defined Lotus for around two decades… but the Elite, Eclat and Excel have been oft-overlooked. Is the tide turning? We’ve driven two of each back to back and reckon now is the time to take the wedge seriously.

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064 Clive chapman interview.jpg

Johnny Tipler speaks to Clive Chapman about Classic Team Lotus – the way it operates and the vast historical significance of the cars it looks after day in, day out.

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070 Elise S2 buyers guide.jpg

Looking for an Elise S2? There’s a lot to commend them, but a few pitfalls to avoid. Emma Woodcock delves into the details so that you can ensure you buy the very best.

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084 Looking Back.jpg

In each issue of Absolute Lotus, Richard Heseltine digs into the archives to find the Lotus stories you may never have heard… In issue six, that means a steroidal Elan, a heavily Lotus influenced Corvette concept – and much more!

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090 axon lotus parts feature.jpg

Since its dawn, Lotus has always borrowed from other manufacturers’ parts bins. This handy reference tells you what cars the parts on your Lotus came from.

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