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November/December 2019 issue

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  • Engine transplant group test – Improving the breed?
  • Evora and Exige Exclusive – Lotus’s VIP treatment
  • Innes Ireland – The rise and fall of Lotus’s first GP winner
  • Elise Cup 250 – Range-topping Elise driven
  • Mike Hawthorn’s Eleven – Historic racer found on eBay
  • Evora buyers’ guide – How to bag a good one
  • …and much more!

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046 Engine transplants group.jpg

We meet six owners who decided they could take a Lotus and make it better… Driven back to back are a unique Ford Duratec powered Elan S4, two Ford Zetec Elan Plus 2s, two Vauxhall Red Top powered Europas (one transverse, one longitudinal) and a supercharged Honda K20 powered Exige.

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036 evora and exige.jpg

Lotus Exclusive offers buyers the chance to personalise their cars beyond the regular options list. We meet Exige and Evora owners whose cars have a 007 theme. How would you spec yours?

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062 Lotus People Innes Ireland.jpg

Innes Ireland was the first driver to score a grand prix win for Team Lotus. As well as driving fast, he played hard… and was ultimately dropped from the team. Richard Heseltine looks back over his career.

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026 Quick Drive Elise 250 Cup.jpg

The Cup 250 sits at the top of the Elise tree – and that’s all the excuse we needed to take it for a spin. It’s the latest in our Quick Drives mini-series.

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068 Lotus Eleven.jpg

Jon Adams bought his dream Lotus Eleven unseen on eBay… and it was only after he had owned it for a couple of years that he discovered that it was a long lost racer driven by Mike Hawthorn. Ian Stent meets him and takes up the story of one very lucky find.

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082 buyers guide.jpg

Looking to buy an Evora? We don’t blame you! It’s robust, practical enough for regular use and had a sonorous V6 soundtrack. Read our buyers’ guide first to ensure that your heart doesn’t rule your head when picking one to put in your garage.

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030 Lotus 22.jpg

The Lotus 20/22 was the Formula Junior car that paved the way to Formula One. Richard Heseltine tells the story of this instrumental single-seater racer.

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