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February/March 2020

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  • Esprit V8 – Reader’s DIY restoration
  • Elan S4 – Classic drive, how does it stack up in 2020?
  • Lotus 72 – The story of the iconic racer
  • VX220 group – Standard VX220s pitted against modified alternatives
  • Ian Scott-Watson interview – The man who discovered Jim Clark
  • Sunbeam Lotus – The ultimate restoration
  • From the archive – Forgotten stories from Lotus past
  • Exige S2 buyers’ guide – How to bag the best!
  • …and much more!

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068 Esprit.jpg

There’s more to this Esprit V8 than meets the eye – read the story of how Alex Carter rolled up his sleeves to get it back into tip top condition himself.

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026 Elan S4.jpg

How does an Elan stack up when confronted with 2020s road conditions? We take one for a spin the first part of our Classic Drive series.

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042 Lotus 72.jpg

The Lotus 72 was one of the team’s most fabled grand prix cars – but it didn’t start out that way. Richard Heseltine tells the story of this remarkable F1 car.

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050 Vauxhall VX220 group.jpg

When is a Lotus not a Lotus? When it’s the Hethel built, Elise based Vauxhall VX220. We pit the three stock examples against five modified versions in our biggest group test yet.

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062 Interview Ian Scott Watson.jpg

Ian Scott-Watson was the man who discovered Jim Clark. We meet him to talk about how the shy Scot became Team Lotus’s greatest ever driver.

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032 sunbeam lotus.jpg

Which car would you choose for a money-no-object restoration? We see how one man’s dream to restore a Sunbeam Lotus to a standard that’s streets ahead of its factory finish.

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090 From The Archive.jpg

Once again, we raid the archives to find the Lotus stories that most people have forgotten.

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082 Exige buyers guide.jpg

Looking to buy an Exige S2? Make sure you read our detailed buyers’ guide to ensure you get a good one.

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