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April/May 2020

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  • Lotus landmarks road trip – We take an Evora to Hornsey, Cheshunt and more
  • Elan M100 – The ultimate M100 for a man who’s owned 23 of them
  • Historic Race – The 1974 Race of Champions
  • Excel – Classic drive to see how it fares in 2020
  • Chapman the driver – The Lotus founder’s little publicised racing driving career
  • Elan Plus 2 – Meet the 21-year-old Lotus owner and restorer
  • From the archive – Forgotten stories from Lotus past
  • …and much more!

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058 Factory road trip.jpg

We do some ‘carcheology’ by taking an Evora 410 Sport to landmarks of Lotus past, including the lock-up garage where the very first Lotus was built, as well as Hornsey, Cheshunt and Hethel. We hope you might be inspired to follow in our footsteps…

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050 Elan M100.jpg

We meet the man who has owned now fewer than 23 Elan M100s… and now he has his ultimate in the form of the unofficial ‘Commemorative Edition’. See how it had a body-off restoration to bring it to tip-top condition.

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030 Race of Champions.jpg

In the first of a new series in which we take a look at a headline Team Lotus race, Richard Heseltine looks at the performance of the single black and gold car in the rain-soaked 1974 Race of Champions.

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034 Classic Drive Excel.jpg

How does the Lotus Excel live up to modern conditions? We take one into the wilds of rural Essex to find out.

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042 Chapman the driver.jpg

Colin Chapman’s engineering prowess is (quite obviously) well documented, but his talent behind the wheel is less often discussed – even though he was a grand prix level driver in his own right. Learn more about Chapman the driver in our latest issue.

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072 Elan Plus 2.jpg

We don’t hear of many 21-year-old Lotus restorers, so when Callum Robinson made contact with us we had to meet him and see the fruits of his labours.

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