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July/August 2019 issue

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  • Evora group test – From Launch Edition to GT430
  • Lotus 7X – The period racer frozen in time
  • Road Trip – To Spain in a Lotus Six
  • Mike Kimberley interview pt1 – The Chapman years
  • Elan Plus Two – Reader’s restoration
  • Elan M100 buyers’ guide – Choose the right car
  • Cooling – How to keep your Lotus’s temperature in check
  • …and much more!

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044 feature group

Since its launch ten years ago, the Evora has evolved from a sports car to a full-on junior supercar. We chart its evolution by pitting four generations against each other – from naturally-aspirated Launch Edition to the latest GT430.

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028 Lotus 7X.png

This Lotus 7X has been frozen in time. When its racing career came to an end, it was put into storage and has been preserved just as it was for its last competitive outing. We take a look as it blinks back into the light…

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058 Road trip.png

Colin Brewer’s Lotus Six has an interesting history in that it was taken to Spain, across snowy mountains, by two ladies in the 1950s, the story of which was covered in two issues of the The Motor magazine. He retraced the car’s steps, and reports on his much sunnier rerun of the trip.

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038 Interview.png

Mike Kimberley was at the sharp end of Lotus Cars for four decades. In the first of a two-part interview with Richard Heseltine, he sheds light on his time at the company during the Colin Chapman years.

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064 Elan Plus 2.png

Sometimes the simplest approach is the best… and such is the case with Chris Hunter’s restoration of an Elan Plus Two.

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082 Buyers Guide M100.png

Looking to buy an Elan M100 this summer? Our detailed buyers’ guide will help you find the right car.

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072 Cooling_V2.png

Avoid overheating woes this summer with our guide to cooling for both modern and classic Lotuses.

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