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September/October 2019 issue

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  • Esprit S1 – From barn find to back on the road in six months
  • Evija – Full details on the new Lotus hypercar
  • Europa group test – Five mid-engined pioneers head to head
  • Lotus 41X – Lost racer rescued, restored and raced
  • Mike Kimberley interview pt2 – Lotus life after Chapman
  • Exige Sport 410 – Driven
  • Elite – Full profile of the Type 14
  • …and much more!

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068 Esprit s1.jpg

This Lotus Esprit went from rotten barn find to immaculate restored classic in just six months… see how owner Neil Barber did it in the full story in issue nine.

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040 Evija new car.jpg

The Evija is Lotus’s first all-new car under the ownership of Geely – and the all-electric, £1.7m 1972bhp hypercar makes a huge statement of intent for the marque’s future. Can it teach us anything about the more affordable new cars that will be coming out of Hethel?

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048 Europa group.jpg

In its nine-year production life, the Europa went from entry level sports car to usurping the Elan Twin Cam as the range-topping model. From the European market only Renault powered S1 to the Special, we chart the model’s evolution by driving them back to back.

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034 Lotus 41X.jpg

The experimental Lotus 41X could have been lost to history forever… but thankfully not only was it rescued and restored, but it’s also now raced in historic meetings, while keeping an eye on originality.

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062 Kimberley part 2.jpg

In part two of our interview with Mike Kimberley, he tells of how the company pulled together after the tragic death of Colin Chapman and gives insight into his life with the company right up to the launch of the Evora.

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028 Exige.jpg

In the start of a new series in which we test drive current Lotus models, we take the Exige 410 Sport for a spin.

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082 Elite.jpg

The innovative Elite was one of Lotus’s high water marks. Matthew Vale profiles the model throughout its production life.

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